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Biomass feeding for thermochemical reactors
J.J. Dai et al-2012

Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of biomass for liquid biofuels production
CG Yin-2012

Thermal Pyrolysis of Polyethylene in Fluidized Beds: Review of the Influence of Process Parameters on Product Distribution
KSK Reddy et al-2012

Biodiesel resources and production technologies - A review
BL Salvi et al-2012

Fluidized bed waste incinerators: Design, operational and environmental issues
Van Caneghem et al-2012

Towards sewage sludge based biofuels via thermochemical conversion - A review
P. Manara et al-2012

Sewage sludge pyrolysis for liquid production: A review
I. Fonts et al-2012

Synthetic fuels from biomass using concentrated solar energy - A review
A. Nzihou et al-2012

Thermo chemical conversion of biomass - Eco friendly energy routes
N.L. Panwar et al-2012

Pollutants from the combustion of solid biomass fuels
A. Williams et al-2012

Process and technological aspects of municipal solid waste gasification. A review
U. Arena et al-2012

Conversion of biomass to selected chemical products
P. Gallezot et al-2012

BIOMASS GASIFICATION WITH CHP PRODUCTION A Review of the State-of-the-Art Technology and Near Future Perspectives
G.G. Jankes et al-2012

Thermochemical processing of meat and bone meal: A review
E. Cascarossa et al-2012

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