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Biomass upgrading by torrefaction for the production of biofuels: A review
M.J.C. van der Stelt et al-2011

Recent advances in biomass pretreatment - Torrefaction fundamentals and technology
H. de Lasa et al-2011

Catalysis for conversion of biomass to fuels via pyrolysis and gasification: A review
D.A. Bulushev et al-2011

Syngas production through gasification and cleanup for downstream applications - Recent developments
P. Mondal et al-2012

A review of torrefaction for bioenergy feedstock production
D. Ciolkosz et al-2011

The Hydrogen Issue
N. Armaroli et al-2011

Life cycle assessment of bioenergy systems: State of the art and future challenges
F. Cherubini et al-2011

Solar-driven gasification of carbonaceous feedstock-a review
N. Piatkowski et al-2011

Pyrolysis Analysis and Solid Residue Stabilization of Polymers, Waste Tyres, Spruce Sawdust and Sewage Sludge
M. Grigiante et al-2010

Review and analysis of biomass gasification models
Puig-Arnavat, M; Bruno, JC; Coronas, A-2010

The Case for Increasing the Global Capacity for Waste to Energy (WTE)
Marco J. Castaldi et al-2010

Techno-Economic Analysis of Fast Pyrolysis as a Process Step Within Biomass-to-Liquid Fuel Production
Frederik Trippe et al-2010

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